The United Disabled Persons of Kenya(UDPK) is the Umbrella organization of Disabled Persons Organizations in Kenya.It was established in the year 1989,with head office in Nairobi.UDPK is mandated to Advocate for the Rights of persons with disability.Promoting PWDs equal access to opportunities and active participation to mainstream development processes.Through its membership of over 200 Disabled Persons Organization,UDPK targets to reach all disabled population county wide.


To realize a barrier-free society that recognizes the rights of persons with disabilities for better lives .


To promote full and effective participation of persons with disabilities in socio-economic and political spheres as enshrined in legal frameworks.disabilities


our organizational  core values include:

  • Non-discrimination
  • Integrity
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Reliability and professionalism


UDPK participants
  • To educate create awareness and encourage a non-disabling society by changing attitudes towards PWDs and enabling social participation by all
  • Create public awareness on disability and monitor the implementation of the realization of PWDs rights by duty bearers
  • Enhance skills of PWDs at national and county level to better advocate for the realization of their rights.
  • To increase authenticity and capacities of DPOs and persons with disabilities to effectively represent and advocate for their rights at national and county levels
  •  Institutional strengthening of DPOs to meet their mandate of advocating and demanding for their right and services from service providers
  •  To strengthen the capacity of DPOs to effectively monitor the rights of PWDs
  • To work with authorities at all levels to ensure inclusion in policy framework developments(Laws,Legislation and Regulations) and implementation.
  • To lobby for enactment of laws and policies that are responsive to the needs of persons with disabilities.
  • To lobby and sensitize duty bearers and service providers to be able to provide inclusive services.
  • to promote participation and representations of persons with disabilities in governance structures
  • UDPK effectively advocated for enactment of Persons with Disability Act 2003.Which has provided meaningful involvement,inclusion and service provision for persons with disabilities.
  • We have also promoted the rights of persons with disabilities in the constitution of Kenya 2010.the advocacy effort has brought tangible gains to Persons with disabilities in the constitution,including non-discrimination in service provision,representation and equity in socio-economic and political spheres
  • UDPK has developed and submitted recommendation to the Building Bridges Initiative(BBI) task force on inclusion of persons with disabilities on all spheres of life.
  • UDPK played an instrumental role towards the adoption of United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities(UNCRPD),which was signed and ratified by Government of Kenya and in accordance with article 2[6]of the constitution of Kenya 2010.
  • UDPK has been involved in drafting Policy recommendations to Government and private sector with regard to Inclusion of Persons with disabilities in school,employment,democracy,training,transport,health and all other spheres in public life