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Building Bridges Initiative and Disability


ACTIVITIES AROUND : Building Bridges Initiative and Disability

UDPK has been organizing National and County Level activities to scrutinize the released Building Bridges Report .Together with partners UDPK has developed and submitted Memoranda to the Building Bridges Initiative Committee. The engagements have the aim of addressing and raising issues on what disability issue was not captured in the BBI Report  

Press Conference at Serena Hotel:



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In an effort to assist in flattening the COVID-19 infection Curve.UDPK Together with Disabled Persons Organizations and other partners we have been engaged in number of activities aimed at helping to fight the spread of the covid-19 disease in the county,especially among vulnerable people,including persons with disabilities.

Some Activities we have been engaged in to this end ,include:

  • IEC Material (Information,Educational and communication) Development and distribution
  • Covid-19 Regular Updating 
  • Data collection
  • Deployment of Customized SMS Portal
  • Engagement with DPOs and Partners
  • Dedicated web-page deployment and updating.


  • IEC Material (Information,Educational and communication) Development and distribution-We have been developing and distributing IEC Materials with targeted messaging to the persons with disabilities,their care givers,communities and  and Disabled persons  organizations. 
  • Regularly Updating on what is happening around covid-19 and disability.Through communication channels including social media,website and phones.
  • Engaged in collection of Disability related data and the impact of covid-19 on their livelihood and social life.
  • Contentious engagement and collaboration  with our partners and DPOs as we fight to contain the pandemic.
  • Deployment of accessible dedicated web-page to collect and distribute covid-19 related information.
  • Deployment  of off-line communication method Using Customized SMS portal to message persons without the Smart phones