Barriers to access to assistive Technology in Kenya

  1. unaffordability of the Assistive technology.
  2. Limited disaggregated data on the assistive technology needs
  3. Lack of awareness and information regarding assistive technology
  4. Lack of Assistive Technology National policy
  5. Unavailability of Assistive technology
  6. Limited Involvement users of Assistive Technology and organizations
  7. Limited trained Assistive technology workforce.
  8. Defragmented Assistive product procurement and supply
Participants during World At Day on 4th June , 2024

Assistive Technology

Enhancing Access to Assistive Technology to everyone who needs it

Kenya has made strides toward establishing legal and policy frameworks concerning Assistive Technology, However, access to Assistive technology remains a challenge. The barriers to access including availability, affordability, and limited information persist.

Recommendations to enhance access to assistive Technology in Kenya

Recommendation 1: Develop a National assistive technology policy Recommendation 2: Meaningfully involve AT users, user groups, caregivers, and Organizations
Recommendation 3: increase public awareness and education regarding assistive technology
Recommendation 4: Ensure Assistive Technology is affordable (Integrated to the SHIF and Social Protection Measures)
Recommendation 5: increase assistive technology availability
Recommendation 6: improve workforce capacity
Recommendation 7: invest in data collection and research
Recommendation 8: establish proper coordination mechanism in the procurement and supply of assistive technology
Recommendation 9: strengthen policy implementation on assistive technology

Panelists during World AT Day on 4th June ,2024

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Josephine Apollo -AT User (prosthetic)

Cate Syokau -AT User (Electric Wheelchair)

Various AT Users

Participants during World AT Day on 4th June ,2024