Inclusive Approach to Kazi Mtaani Project

15th July,2020

‘Kazi Mitaani’ project: Kenya must adhere to its commitments to ensure persons with disabilities access work and employment on an equal basis with others  

We, the United Disabled Persons of Kenya (UDPK) and the Caucus on Disability Rights Advocacy (CDRA) would like to express our disappointment on a tweet by the Interior PS Dr. Karanja Kibicho on the launch of the ‘Kazi Mitaani’ project.

In a tweet indicative of government position, the PS stated that to qualify for the youth employment initiative, one must be among other things “able-bodied.” We consider this language as excluding, discriminating and insensitive to persons with disabilities. It is especially discriminating as people with disabilities able and willing to take part in this project will be rejected on the basis of this condition.  

If the PS and by extension the government did not mean to exclude a group of people in this initiative, the PS will need to elaborate what is meant by “able bodied” as we consider this language insensitive, contrary to the principles of inclusion and against the principle of equal opportunity  to which Kenya subscribes to through its Constitution and various other UN conventions that it has ratified.

In building back better, after the Covid19 pandemic, it will be extremely unfortunate if we carry on with exclusionary practices that will further exacerbate the inequalities that persons with disabilities continue to face, especially in accessing decent work.


UDPK is the umbrella organization of national and grassroots associations of persons with disabilities in Kenya, presently comprising 86 organizations. The CDRA is a coalition of organizations of and for persons with disabilities which seeks to promote the interests of persons with disabilities in terms of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 and other legislations and policies which affect persons with disabilities.

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