Notice of the General Assembly

UDPK Constitution stipulates that fully registered members are invited to participate in its General Assembly. This letter serves as a notice and invitation to a General Assembly which will be held on the 20th December 2018. We will communicate the venue for the meeting soon.

The agenda of the meeting will be as follows:

  1. Adoption of the Agenda
  2. Reading and confirmation of Previous minutes
  3. Secretariat report
  4. Chair- persons report
  5. Considerations of accounts
  6. Elections
  7. AOB for which the notice is served 7 days before the day of the Meeting.

Member organisations are expected to appoint two delegates, a male and a female to attend the meeting. Please forward to us a letter signed by the secretary and the chairman indicating your delegates.

Secondly, you’re also at liberty to propose any of your members for the following elective positions;

(1). Chairperson (2). Vice – chairperson (3). Treasurer (4). Youth representative (5). Parent/care giver of Persons with intellectual impairments rep (6). Women rep (7). 3 Committee members


Nominees must possess at least an Undergraduate Degree from a recognized university. Please use the appended template to fill in these details. The deadline for submitting your dully filled form as well as CVs and academic testimonials of the nominees shall be the 7th December 2018,5:00pm. This should be forwarded to the email


Thanks in advance.

Anderson Gitonga




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Policy, legislative and institutional arrangements for persons with disabilities in Kenya have witnessed some positive changes since May 2008 when the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities1 (‘CRPD’ or ‘Convention’) came into force and following Kenya’s ratification of the Convention during the same month.2 Since that milestone, Kenya’s constitutional and statutory landscape has evolved to include provisions specifically covering matters of pertinence to persons with disabilities. The Constitution of Kenya (2010)3 and a number of post-promulgation statutes establish specific normative and institutional advances of actual or potential benefit to persons with disabilities.

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