Project Discovery (Do It Yourself Challenge)

Dear Community Members,

Thank you for participating in this challenge. We are very excited to see your solutions! Please read the guidelines below before uploading your video.


The word ‘Solution’ has a different connotation in different sectors of business, corporate houses, or daily life. For persons with disabilities the meaning of the word ‘solution’, is to find an alternative method to overcoming challenges by working around a problem, to live a life of dignity and independence. ‘Solution’ is also defined as ‘Do It Yourself’, which could be a product, workflow, or a unique way of doing something that enables a person to perform the task they normally would have difficulty in accomplishing.

Many of us use simple yet innovative ways or solutions in our day-to-day lives, sometimes without even realizing its importance. Persons with disabilities and their caregiver’s/family members are no exemption to this. However, such solutions mostly remain undocumented. Here comes in Project Discovery, a platform aimed at collating different solutions in the form of short videos and making them available to ALL.

Benefits of submitting your individual/unique

These solutions would be judged by a panel of juries and the most effective solution that has made the person with disabilities to take a step towards independence would be awarded with prize money. The number one winner of the challenge wins $500, the second price is $200 and the third price is $100.

Best videos are those that would showcase a solution to make the person with disabilities self-reliant, independent, or productive by overcoming a hurdle in everyday life.

Who can share and submit videos?

Persons with disabilities and their caregiver’s/family members who may be using different ways or techniques in manoeuvring their daily activities can share videos of different solutions/enabling factors. NGOs, companies who are creating solutions for persons with disabilities, and any other stakeholder working in the sector can share their videos keeping the person with disabilities as the central point.

Guidelines to creating the video

Points to consider:

• please shoot the video in landscape mode to get a wider shot.

• Please start with the short description of the problem you are facing.

• While shooting the video wherever you feel that you need to explain the solution, please feel free to speak.

• The video must be centred around the person with the disability demonstrating the solution.

• Always shoot focusing on the disabled person, avoid showing their back.

• Make sure that the video is shot with adequate lighting and with sufficient clarity.

For reference please see these videos: click on the link.

If you need help in shooting the video, please reach out to us. Reach out keep a message in SMS or WhatsApp in the following number, +31622869470. Also, you can write a mail to the following mail ID- or to e will surely reach out to you or your contact person to guide you through to shoot the video. You can also refer to the following webpage of project discovery to get in touch with us

While sharing the videos please mention:

1. Your name

2. Contact number and alternate contact number

3. Email id

4. City/village/district where you stay

Categories of solution related videos

a. Technology & IT (Information echnology), solutions – an activity that can be done using technology. Example – screen reading software widely used by people with visual impairments; voice output devices used by people with difficulties in speech can be a part of this segment.

b. Everyday solutions – a person with disabilities who is using a solution not relating to computers or IT but other technologies and non-technical support, e.g. a person using an electronic brush instead of a manual brush, modified systems of households like accessible cupboards or anyone using any human solution to overcome barriers, e.g. overcoming architectural barriers, leisure time activities can be a part of this segment. Please note, any person using any human solution needs to provide the reason for using the same.

c. Outdoor solutions – a person with disabilities using solutions to participate in any other social activities like using public transport, sports or other related activities, including creation of livelihood or owning by being an entrepreneur can be a part of this particular segment.

Editing your videos

a. You may use the inbuilt editing tools in your mobile phone or any other editing devices to edit your video

b. In case you feel that you or your support person is not confident in editing the video – DO NOT WORRY. Please send us the raw file on completion. Our technical team would help edit the same. Remember the CONTENT is more IMPORTANT. However, you are expected to provide a viable explanation why you are not capable of doing the editing.

c. In the video please make sure you describe or text) the problem faced and how you solved it either as commentary or text. In other words, in case the production of the video is not clear, we would understand by listening to your voice or reading the text, to judge or help get back to you.

d. If you are using multiple solutions, you can send more than one video but the length of the video should not exceed 120 seconds or two minutes.

e. We will add subtitle to all films to make it accessible, and so, if feasible please send the dialogue in a word file.

How do you submit your video?

You can upload your video via several means: in this community, via phone/ Whatsapp or Email.

Upload on the EnableMe Kenya website:

1. Register Yourself

2. Join the “Kenya: DIY solutions” category

3. Click on New Idea and upload your video here

4. Click on the submit button

Phone/ Whatsapp:

1. Your name

2. Your phone number

Email: or

Please attach your video in the mail and write your name and phone number.


No videos are to be deemed/disqualified. The organizing committee is keen on maximum participation. Thus, in case we find that the solution you are trying to showcase is not very explicit or clear in the video, we may ask you to redo the same. The committee may also get back to you with ideas and tips on how to improve on the same. As the organizing committee we would like to maintain maximum transparency and clarity of the process we use.


The main purpose of the DIY challenge is to help each other to overcome challenges in our daily lives by sharing these solutions with each other. By doing this, we hope to create a community in which we can support each other to create possibilities for EVERYONE who faces daily challenges. Therefore, we would like to gain a better understanding in the extent to which this challenge helped you to overcome challenges in daily activities and your experiences in trying out solutions from others by conducting an interview with you. If you would like to share your experiences with us during an interview, please send an email to 

Your team Project Discovery