How  do I become a volunteer with UDPK ?:

Step one

Show your interest by:

Step two:

A Coordinator of Volunteers from UDPK will contact you  to discuss what volunteer opportunities that are available that match your interests, skills and availability .

Step three:

On successfully completing the above you will be invited to attend necessary training.

You can now begin your new role as a volunteer.

Who can volunteer for the UDPK?

Any Person can volunteer for the UDPK.Volunteers are matched to roles based on their skills, knowledge and interests.

What is the typical volunteer time commitment at UDPK?

volunteers can volunteer with us once a year at events ,some who can volunteer on a more regular basis: weekly or monthly and those who can volunteer for ongoing, longer term commitments depending on the nature of the commitment.

What volunteering opportunities are available for me at UDPK?

One can volunteer to work in areas such as Engaging in Advocacy work, front office support, community advocacy and education, events organizing, fundraising and
We value working collaboratively, so if you have any ideas or particular  skills you would like to in the programs and projects among many others.

Visit current volunteer opportunities for volunteer vacancies. Contact us by emailing or call  (254)-0722126197 to discuss other ways you can support