More than often,Persons with disabilities are left out when it comes to different aspects of life.and this is true when it comes to employment. Obstacles and barriers faced by persons with disabilities makes it hard for them to find and sustain gainful employment .Lack of trainig on skills and employers lack of awareness on disability inclusion increases the challenges faced by person with employment in work environment. Also in the informal sector lack of financial support and business skills by persons with disabilities makes it harder for them to start and sustain their own business.UDPK in recognition of these and other challenges we are involved in Inclusive employment Project and related work that deals to ensure persons with disabilities have access to job opportunities and a fair chance to start their own bussiness.


  • To collaborate and work  with partners in offering training on Business Skills and knowledge to persons with disabilities on how to open and run their own business
  • To engage with potential employers and train them on the importance of  engaging persons with disabilities in their companies
  • Creating awareness on the rights of persons with disabilities concerning employment and work
  • Creation of materials that Employers could use as a guide on engaging persons with disabilities in their work environment
  • Involved in Processes of making recommendation for laws and policies that concern working for persons with disabilities


To collaborate with partners in training on Business Skills and Soft skills to persons with disabilities

Persons with disabilities need to be equipped with business knowledge on how they can open and run their own business ventures or be imparted with more knowledge on the same if they are running their business already,some areas of training include

  • Writing Business Plan-well thought out business plan that you’ll be able to submit to a financial institution in order to request a loan or to potential investors for equity financing in your business.
  • Developing Marketing Plan-The Marketing plan explains how entrepreneurs can increase sales by attracting and retaining customers and increasing business profits in the long term.Including activities as branding and others
  • Customer Service-Good customer service can be the difference between being able to compete and survive and failing for small businesses. This area discusses what good customer service is and guides you on how to assess and improve customer service in your small business. Excellent customer service creates loyal customers for life who are willing to refer your business to friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Book-Keeping-This focuses on skills on financial and record management.
  • Training persons with disabilities on soft skill as communication and other related skills to help in navigating work environment


To engage with potential employers and train them on employment and disability issues

UDPK engages with Employers both in the formal and informal sector to sensitize and train them on issues concerning persons with disabilities and employment.This will involve

  • Training the employers on the employment Rights of persons with disabilities and ways on how they can engage them in employment.
  • Making a disability case to them on why they should employ persons with disabilities
  • To keep database for Person with disabilities and provide the information to potential employers in case of arising opportunity.


Creation of Inclusive Employment materials

To guide and help employers on matters dealing with employment and disability,UDPK develops some guidelines and inclusive Employment tool kit,that could be used by employers to :

  • Have knowledge on how to engage persons with disability in their work environment
  • uphold rights of persons with disabilities in their campaniles
  • have knowledge on the legal framework in disability movement and employment
  • Enhance skills and experiences of their employees who have disabilities



Involved in Processes of making recommendation for laws and policies that concern employment for persons with disabilities

UDPK has been involved in the forums and processes that have been constituted to address the issues of employment and disabilities. inclusive employment Laws and polices in Government department and agencies that deal with employment  have to be aligned to address the emerging employment trends in disability and work environment,UDPK has been involved in contributing and formulation of some employment policies and laws as 

  • Disability Act,Diversity policy for public service and Kenya Constitution 2010-For non-discrimination in work place.
  • Monitor the implementation of constitutional provisions concerning employment and disability