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Representation of special Interest Groups Laws(Amendment)Bill

The representation of special interest Groups Laws(Amendment ) Bill (National Assembly Bill No.52 of 2019) was read for the first time in the senate on Tuesday 12th May,2020 and thereater stood commited to the senate standing commitee on legal affairs

As Persons in disability network we should make our contribution to the committee to ensure our needs are captured in the bill. Memoranda to the office of clerk of the senate  to be received on or before Tuesday,2nd june 2020 .Read and Download the Bill


Pandemic Response and Management Bill

The Pandemic Response and Management Bill (Senate Bill No.52 of 2020) seeks to to cushion the citizens against the negative impact of a pandemic on the social and economic activities. it is necessary to make deliberate effort ensure that Persons with disabilities, needs are not overlooked


The bill seeks to provide framework for response  to pandemic wherever it occurs.We in disability environment we should make our contribution to the bill to ensure any such response is inclusive  .Read and Download the Bill