smart government project

The smart Government project is supported by VOICE GLOBAL and implemented by UDPK and DUPOTO.It aims at enhancing participation of persons with disabilities in governance and political processes in Narok County by activating and empowering inclusive Local Urban Forums (LUFs) in 5 urban centres. Inclusive LUFs are envisioned by the Urban Areas and Cities Act (2011) and comprise of persons with disabilities, youth, women and ethnic minorities. The LUFs shall be trained in social planning and supported to develop simplified County budgets. This shall build the capacity of the LUFs to take up their citizen oversight roles and increase County Government budget and development planning processes.


  1. A culture of social planning amongst PWDs and their organizations mainstreamed to increase their power of bargain for resources in Narok County Development routines.
  2. Narok County budgets and planning processes simplified to enable PWDs to participate effectively in project identification, implementation and evaluation.
  3. Inclusive Local Urban forums (LUF) activated and adequately facilitated to provide oversight and planning roles (section 22 of the Urban Areas and Cities Act (2011).